What to do after your tattoo?

After your tattoo has been completed, it is your responsibility to take good care of it. Here’s how to do it... One hour after your tattoo is completed, wash your hands using a liquid antibacterial soap and remove your bandage, if one has been used. Wash your tattoo with your CLEAN hands.

Please do not use any type of washcloth or sponges. Rinse the tattoo and gently pat dry with a paper towel. The important thing is to KEEP YOUR TATTOO CLEAN.

*Do not scrub your tattoo.
*Do not rebandage your tattoo.
*Do not believe your friend’s aftercare instructions are better.
*Do not use ointment.
*Do not pick at it.
*Do not wear tight clothing over a fresh tattoo.

After the first few days, your tattoo will start feeling dry and tight. This is normal, it is the top layer of your skin regenerating. A little amount of scabbing is always normal. You can use a very thin layer of lotion to make the tattoo a little more comfortable. Lotion should be alcohol-free, fragrance free, and dye-free. Lubriderm and Cetaphil are good lotions to use.

Tattoo healing takes approximately two weeks. Please avoid exposing your fresh tattoo to lakes, rivers, swimming pools, or hot tubs. You may shower or bathe with a new tattoo, but be quick about it. Dont let your tattoo soak.

Do not use tanning booths with a fresh tattoo! Tanning/sun exposure also has the potential to lighten a tattoo over time, so keep in mind that using sunscreen will help extend the brightness of a tattoo when you are out.

If you feel that your tattoo isn't healing as it should, please feel free to call or come in and let us take a look at it

Touch-up Policy

If you feel that you need a touch-up, please come in and let us take a look. Touch-ups in most cases are only done by the artist you received the tattoo from. It is at the discretion of your artist to determine whether or not a free touch-up is needed.

We do not do touch-ups on Saturdays.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions @ 573-336-1900